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Archyvas: Spalis, 2012

Beloved seagull


Have you ever heard the sound of the sea? Have you ever compared it to the rustle of ocean?

This story is about a small stray seagull who learned how to fly too late. It happened when a cold night, instead of outstretched wings, the seagull covered and immersed in dreams. After so long slept in the morning, she found only touched traces. She fallowed the traces, while she appeared in a wavy, never-ending sea. The sea was so refreshing that seagull unfurled wings and rose above the sea to enjoy water dancing. The wind caught young seagull and she fell straight into the arms of the sea. Seagull heard sounds of the sea; she intently listened to every wave break. Deep in the heart she knew that she would never leave the sea. Seagull was caught in sound love and was trampling on the cold beach sand by leaving footprints. Once, when she was trampling the sand and admiring the sea, the seagull felt that the sea began to change. The sea beats become less frequent, and her heart beat with the new found watercourse started to slowdown. Oceans cried out like new homes, like the universe such an infinite and boundless. Seagull heart shivered, - where is the boundary? The wind caught confused seagull and began to carry deep into the far ocean. Seagull lost in it trying to find the ground and tried to fight against the wind, but he only carried her farther and farther. Exhaustion of the forces seagull riddled along with the waves, singing sea sounds in the bottom of the ocean.

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